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Port2Port provides a range of security services for the cruise sector including security survey, risk assessment and physical protection services. Our experience in cruise ship security identifies this type of vessel as an extremely complex platform with many vulnerabilities and security challenges.

Cruise Ship Protection
  • Risk assessment and security survey
  • Access control and restricted areas
  • Safety and Security Officers
  • Security training and crew awareness exercises
  • Maritime Intelligence
  • Armed protection teams in High Risk Areas

Our team of security and risk experts can assist cruise companies in breaking down and simplifying these various challenges, and drafting effective security plans to support the safety and security of all persons on board.

We protect against piracy and regional security threats to mitigate risk and provide safe passage for cruise ships, crew and passengers.

Our Cruise Ship Protection Teams are experienced maritime security professionals who understand the challenges of cruise ship safety and security, whether at sea or in port.

Working discreetly as part of your team
Our operatives are all highly trained, experienced professionals. We aim to seemlessly integrate our operatives with your existing crew with a discreet presence – always on hand when needed but never obtrusive. We can support your staff with information, advice and training at every step of a passage from planning to final berthing.

94% Satisfaction

Port2Port conducts customer satisfaction analysis on the service provided by our Maritime Security Teams.

Customer Feedback at 94%

These key performance indicators confirm the highest standard of delivery, which consistently averages 94%.


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