Pirates Kidnap Five Crewmembers Off Nigeria

The product tanker Sampatiki reported a pirate attack off of Nigeria in the early hours of March 26. The pirates boarded the ship at 04’20”N 005’10”E, about 35 nautical miles off the coast of Rivers State in the Gulf of Guinea, near Port Harcourt, said the British security advising firm Asket.  (more…)

BIMCO: Security Breach in Anti-Piracy Program

On Monday, BIMCO and The Standard Club issued a warning regarding an alleged security breach in the Maritime Trade Information Sharing Center, Gulf of Guinea (MTISC-GoG), potentially resulting in the release of ships’ data to pirates. (more…)

Merchant ships add eyes in the Gulf of Guinea

From a small, white building on the campus of Regional Maritime University near Tema, Ghana, a handful of people keep watch on a maritime area that stretches from the northern border of Mauritania to the southern border of Angola. (more…)

BIMCO seeks standardised piracy reports

by Philip Rood

Shipowners organisation the Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO) is set to unveil a new reporting code designed to eliminate inconsistencies that currently produce significant differences in global statistics for piracy and hijackings. (more…)

Liberian Flag guidelines for protection against armed robbery and piracy in the Gulf of Guinea region

The Republic of Liberia has issued Marine Security Advisory including guidelines for protection against armed robbery and piracy in the Gulf of Guinea region and Reporting to the Maritime Trade Information Sharing Centre Gulf Guinea (MTISC – GoG) (more…)