Nigerian Army Parades Suspected Niger Delta Avengers Militants

The Nigerian Army has arrested 10 suspected militants and pipeline vandals in the Niger Delta region. (more…)

Operations Center to Improve Maritime Safety Opens in Berbera

Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP), United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC), EUCAP Nestor and the Somaliland Coast Guard announced today the opening of the Berbera Maritime Operations Center. The center, operated by the Somaliland Coast Guard and part of the OBP Maritime Communications Initiative, will create maritime situational awareness and improve the safety of Somaliland waters for local maritime traffic. The center is also expected to assist in combatting illegal fishing, piracy and other maritime crimes. (more…)

Indonesia, Philippines launch coordinated border patrols to curb maritime piracy

The navies of Indonesia and the Philippines have launched coordinated border patrols to address maritime piracy and other international crimes in the shared maritime border of the two countries, an Indonesian navys spokesman stated. (more…)

Chevron confirms fresh attack by Niger Delta Avengers

Chevron’s onshore activities in Nigeria’s Niger Delta have been shut down by a militant attack at its Escravos terminal, a company source said on Thursday. (more…)

Gujarat ports to get a stronger security cover

Ahmedabad: Maritime security along the coast is set to be enhanced with the state home department deciding to raise a special State Reserve Police Force (SRPF) battalion to man the government-run ports. (more…)

Niger Delta Avengers: Why we are crippling oil sector

Here is the statement  from a spokesperson of the faceless  Niger Delta Avengers, who styles himself, Col. Mudoch Agbinibo about why their militants are attacking Nigeria’s oil installations. It is republished for the Nigerian leadership to know and disabuse  the raison d’etre of this new brand of militants, hitting at Nigeria’s jugular. In our view, the group’s ‘manifesto’ of destruction calls for dialogue between the group and the Nigerian government. (more…)

The Economics of Piracy in South East Asia

In 2010, the UN published a report, “The Globalisation of Crime” which stated that “Until .. the recent and dramatic increase of piracy off the Coast of Somalia … piracy was a phenomenon in decline … thanks to effective and coordinated international action against the pirates”.  Though this may have been true for Somalia, elsewhere in the world it has proved to be anything but in decline. (more…)

India allows accused Italian marine to go home

India’s top court Thursday allowed an Italian marine accused of killing two fishermen to return home pending a ruling on where he should be tried in a long-running case that has soured ties between the two countries. (more…)

Niger Delta Avengers threaten further attacks; warn ex-militants against meddling

Niger Delta Avengers, a faceless group of militant agitators in Nigeria’s South-south region have threatened to resume hostilities after a ceasefire agreement facilitated by stakeholders in the region. (more…)

European Union agrees to aid Libyan navy to stop traffickers

The European Union will help rebuild Libya’s shattered navy and coastguard to tackle migrant smugglers after a plea for aid from the new U.N.-backed unity government in Tripoli, EU foreign ministers agreed on Monday. (more…)