EU ferry security measures lacking

by Grant Turnbull

Despite a marked increase in the threat posed by Daesh terrorists in Europe, as demonstrated by recent attacks in Paris and Brussels, ‘very few measures’ are being taken by EU member states to prevent passenger ferries and cruise ships being targeted. (more…)

Navy impounds 26 boats in Warri over oil theft, sea piracy

Nigerian Navy authorities in Warri, Delta, on Wednesday said navy personnel in the area had impounded 26 high speed boats in the area. (more…)

Indonesia fears piracy surge could turn regional waters into ‘new Somalia’


Indonesia fears piracy on a busy shipping route along its maritime border with the Philippines could hit levels seen in Somalia unless security is tightened, the chief security minister said on Thursday, following a spate of kidnappings. (more…)

Third Tug Attacked by Pirates in Sulu Sea

On Friday, the towing vessel TB Henry was hijacked and four of her crewmembers kidnapped off of Lahad Datu, Malaysia, near the intersection of Indonesian, Malaysian and Philippine waters. The attackers have not been definitively identified, but officials suspect militants associated with the designated terrorist group Abu Sayyaf. The kidnapping was the third in two weeks.  (more…)

Navy Plane Foils Piracy Attempt in Western Arabian Sea

The Indian Navy, with the help of its long-range anti-submarine warfare aircraft, has thwarted a “piracy” attempt in the Western Arabian Sea, 800 nautical miles off Mumbai, targeted at a merchant vessel. (more…)

Iran navy repels pirate attack on merchant ship

The Iranian Navy has thwarted seven pirate boat attacks on an Iranian merchant vessel sailing in the Red Sea. (more…)

Terrorists on the Ocean: Sea Monsters in the 21st Century

By CAPT Robert N. Hein, USN

The call of the ocean has enticed generations to explore, and at times exploit her domain. Ninety percent of world commerce transits the oceans. Cruise ships represent a $40 Billion industry, and 30% of the world’s oil originates offshore. It is no wonder criminals and terrorists also feel drawn to the sea. As these groups expand their reach, the question is: When will ISIS and other terrorist organizations bring their brand of mayhem to the oceans? (more…)

Shippers’ War Risk Insurance soars as pirates intensify attacks

By Uche Usim

DESPITE repeated assurances from the Nigerian Navy and the Nigerian Mari­time Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) of adequate safety at sea, pirates have continued to launch spo­radic attacks on ships that sail into the country, thus turning the Nigerian wa­ters into a nightmare of some sorts. The development, experts insist, is already taking a frightening toll on the Nige­rian economy as foreign seafarers now dread coming into the nation’s waters. (more…)

Sayyaf suspects snatch 4 sailors

AN Indonesian sailor was shot and wounded while four of his compatriots were abducted by suspected Abu Sayyaf bandits in Philippine waters between Tawi-Tawi and Lahad Datu in Sabah, authorities reported on Saturday. (more…)

Gulf-backed Yemeni forces seize city from al Qaeda: military source

Yemeni forces backed by Apache helicopters from a Saudi-led coalition wrested the city of Houta from al Qaeda fighters after a gun battle on Friday morning, a local military official said. (more…)