EUNAVFOR Med: A splash of bravado

WHEN the European Union’s foreign and defence ministers vowed, on May 18th, to deploy their navies against north African people-smugglers, they clearly meant to sound firm and decisive. But in reality, this is a risky effort to satisfy conflicting political imperatives: voters want to banish from their screens the disturbing images of drowned migrants washing up on beaches, but without having to accept too many newcomers. (more…)

Iran aid ship reaches Djibouti waters, waits to enter port: activist

By Jonathan Saul

LONDON (Reuters) – An Iranian aid ship has reached the outskirts of Djibouti’s port and is waiting for a permit to enter after Tehran agreed to an international inspection of the vessel with goods for Yemen, an activist on board said on Thursday. (more…)

Iran to allow UN inspection of Yemen aid ship in Djibouti

Iran will allow the United Nations to inspect a Yemen-bound aid ship at the regional U.N. hub in Djibouti, Tehran’s deputy foreign minister was quoted as saying on Wednesday, offering a chance to avert a showdown with Saudi-led forces. (more…)

Nigeria: Crew kidnappings continue

While Nigeria’s Joint Task Force congratulates itself in the media for capturing a number of vessels involved in oil theft (but no news on prosecutions), the real crime against mariners continues with virtually no media coverage whatsoever. (more…)

Navy, JTF: Forces arrest 84 vessels in 5 months

The Chief of Policy and Plans of the Nigerian Navy said the arrested vessels were involved in maritime related crimes. (more…)

U.S., Iranian Warships Shadowing Cargo Ship Near Yemen

Iran has sent two warships to accompany an Iranian cargo boat delivering humanitarian aid to Yemen, and the United States has sent warships to shadow the Iranians. (more…)

New pirate waters, Danish shipping companies’ big fear

By Johanne Hesseldahl Larsen

When you look out over the sea at the entrance to the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa, it is easy to see why piracy is a big problem. (more…)

Forum fears about fuel siphoning and migrants

Titus Zheng

The 24th Annual meeting of the Asian Shipowners’ Forum (ASF) was held in Jeju, South Korea, on 19 May 2015. (more…)

Navy confiscates 30 ships over oil theft

By Lucia Edafioka

The Eastern Naval Command of the Nigerian Navy has said that 30 ships, tugboats and baggies were confiscated in the last six months following the activities of criminals, including illegal oil bunkering, on the waterways in the states under its authority. (more…)

Lessons for Mediterranean? Euro force hunting Somali pirates

DJIBOUTI : The hulking P-3C Orion aircraft prepares to take off from a military base in the Horn of African nation of Djibouti, on the latest mission hunting pirates off Somalia’s coast. (more…)