Asia piracy cases rise 22% on year to hit 10-year high in 2014: ReCAAP

The number of piracy and armed robbery cases against ships in Asia increased 22% year on year to hit a 10-year of 183 last year, anti-piracy watchdog ReCAAP said in its annual report released earlier this week. (more…)

Miscreants take over abandoned vessels in Lagos Anchorage

The increasing incidence of abandonment of vessels on Lagos waters is generating concerns in the maritime industry. This is because; criminals and miscreants have started using some of the vessels as base for their nefarious activities, putting the port terminals under risk. (more…)

Somali pirates release Thai hostages held for 4 years

Agence France Presse

NAIROBI: Four Thai fishermen held hostage by Somali pirates for nearly four years have been released, local officials said Friday. (more…)

The other side of Somalia’s pirates

By Hamza Mohamed

Eyl, Somalia – Hawa Mohamed Saeed recites a prayer in a barely audible voice as she waits for the phone to ring with news of her imprisoned son. This has been her daily routine for the past five years. (more…)

Malaysia invites Myanmar to be MSP observer to combat piracy in Malacca Strait

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has invited Myanmar to be an observer in the Malacca Strait Patrols (MSP) initiative to combat piracy in the busy strait. (more…)

Ransom reportedly paid to free three crew kidnapped from Greek VLCC off Nigeria

By from Athens

Embiricos interests have reportedly paid $400,000 ransom to secure therelease of three seafarers kidnapped from the Greek VLCC Kalamos off West Africa 3 February. (more…)

Missing tanker found off Mati City, Philippines

Titus Zheng

Singapore-headquartered anti-piracy watchdog ReCAAP information sharing centre has reported that missing tanker MT Rehobot had been found off Mati City, Philippines. (more…)

Kalamos crew freed

Three seafarers kidnapped from a Greek VLCC off West Africa earlier this month have been released. (more…)

Asean Countries Should Look Into Information Sharing To Prevent Maritime Terrorism

ASEAN countries should seriously look into having more information sharing as an effort to prevent piracy, sea robbery and maritime terrorism in the surrounding region. (more…)

Maritime Security in Africa: Potential for the Private Sector?

Dirk Siebels thinks that the private sector should contribute further to Africa’s maritime security. As he sees it, private maritime security companies (PMSCs) can help close short-term capability gaps, thereby allowing African countries to develop their own abilities over time.

By Dirk Siebels for African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD)