EU Naval Force, IMO warn of continued, although diminished, piracy threat

Somali-based piracy remains a threat to international shipping and there is no room for complacency where pirates are concerned, according to the European Union Naval Force and International Maritime Organisation. (more…)

Paying piracy ransoms ‘still legal’

Stephen Spark

UK: A new Counter Terrorism and Security Bill, which was presented to the UK parliament on Wednesday, will not change current rules on piracy ransom payments, insurance industry experts and maritime lawyers believe. (more…)

Hijacked Tanker Found, Pirates Arrested

ReCAAP reports that the Thai Marine Police and RTN have found the missing Srikandi 515 tanker and arrested eight suspects believed to be involved in the ship’s hijacking. (more…)

Gunmen Wreak Havoc In Bayelsa

It was also reported that sea pirates operating along the creeks of the Niger Delta in a separate operation also killed a passenger of a boat and robbed others of their belonging and money including mobile phones and the fuel line of the boat. (more…)

Maritime security needs more attention


When most Americans think of threats to the homeland, they often think of the transportation sector. After all, terrorists used four commercial airplanes as weapons to attack the U.S. on 9/11, and struck public transit systems in London and Madrid in the years that followed. While air travel and mass transit should remain areas of high focus, the maritime transportation environment is an area of homeland security that needs equal attention. (more…)

Target oil and gas – pirate’s new booty in Southeast Asia

Berenice Baker

Pirates operating in the seas of Southeast Asia are cashing in on the high prices and taxes on fuel by hijacking tankers and siphoning oil onto stolen vessels before selling it on to criminal organisations. With the number of incidents occurring in 2014 to date dwarfing those reported in previous years, authorities are investigating ways to combat this type of crime in the region, and the possibility of insider involvement. (more…)

Indian Ocean security challenges still pose a threat

Stephen Spark

SEYCHELLES: East Africa’s new regional security force lacks the maritime capability to take on pirates and other seaborne criminals, Seychelles’ foreign minister has revealed. (more…)

Counter-Piracy Lite? The EU’s Soft Security

Op-Ed by Brendan Flynn, National University of Ireland

Operation Atalanta (EU NAVFOR) has unquestionably grabbed the limelight as the EU’s most important contribution to combating piracy. However, that mission’s mandate ends in 2014, and while it may be extended it appears to be scaling down as the piracy epidemic off the coast of Somalia has much reduced. Does this mean the EU is no longer interested in anti-piracy? Not really, but perhaps the emphasis is shifting towards softer (and cheaper) maritime security initiatives. (more…)

Iranian Navy in new piracy fight claim

Navy Repels Pirate Attack on Iranian Oil Tanker in Int’l Waters

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Navy’s 32nd fleet of warships rescued an Iranian oil tanker from a pirate attack near the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait for the second time in two days.


Mozambique: Vega 5 Survivors Still Without Compensation

Maputo — The Mozambican survivors of the “Vega 5” fishing ship, which was hijacked by Somali pirates in December 2010, are continuing to demand compensation for their ordeal, reports Tuesday’s issue of the Beira daily paper “Diario de Mocambique”. (more…)