NZ Navy takes over anti-piracy mission

New Zealand has taken command of an international counter-piracy task force for the next four months. (more…)

Our Security Agencies Are Doing Well-Rear Admiral Tahiru

Board Chairman of PSC Tema Shipyard Rear Admiral Mohammed Munir Tahiru says Ghana’s Navy and other security agencies are doing marvelously well with regards to ensuring the safety of the country’s territorial waters, but has also warned that they must not be complacent and rest on their laurels. (more…)

Pirates hijack Thai ship, steal oil

Armed pirates commandeered a Thai tanker off Malaysia’s east coast and pumped out its cargo of oil, adding to a series of hijackings that has raised fears of a growing Southeast Asian piracy menace.  (more…)

2 fishermen killed by pirates, 15 rescued

Fifteen fishermen who along with two others went missing during an attack by pirates in their trawlers in the Bay of Bengal in Noakhali’s Hatiya Upazila early Monday were rescued on Wednesday night. (more…)

Black Gold Buccaneers: Oil Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

Marissa Hall | Shale Plays Media

The frequency of piracy attacks in the Gulf of Guinea has increased at an alarming rate in recent years. According the United Nations’ 2013 Transnational Organized Crime threat assessment for West Africa, piracy in the Gulf “is a product of the disorder that surrounds the regional oil industry.” Nigeria, which produces well over 2 million barrels of oil per day, occupies 530 miles of coastline and drives the industry. (more…)

US Navy Ship Fires Warning Shot at Armed Iranian Dhow in Volatile Persian Gulf


An American navy vessel fired a warning shot towards an armed Iranian fishing vessel during a brief encounter in the volatile Persian Gulf, said the US Coast Guard. (more…)

Navy arrests seven with N28m stolen diesel


Operatives of the Nigerian Navy, Central Naval Command, have apprehended seven suspects in connection with stolen automated gas oil (diesel) in Bayelsa State. (more…)

Pirates attacks will resume if ship owners let their guard down, warn former hostages

DUBAI // Somali pirates would strike again as soon as alert levels decline, as they believe ship owners would eventually scale back their defences, said a former hostage held captive by the pirates for four years. (more…)

Fiji police conclude high seas probe

Fiji police say they have concluded their investigation into a video which surfaced in Fiji last week showing men being shot from vessels on the high seas. (more…)

Piracy is a symptom of Somalia chaos

Piracy has fallen out of the headlines recently as the number of attempted hijackings has dropped. Back in 2009 and 2010, there were incidents weekly or even daily. Now, as The National’s report yesterday pointed out, there have been only a handful of attempts this year. (more…)