EU moves forward on maritime strategy

Brooks Tigner, Brussels

The 28 nations within the European Union (EU) on 24 June gave approval for the European Commission (EC) to flesh out the details for an EU maritime security strategy. (more…)

Interview with former Nigerian pirate hostage (VIDEO)

Captain Wren Thomas, taken hostage by pirates when they attacked the C-Retriever on October 22nd 2013, talks to CNN about his kidnapping ordeal and the security issues in the Gulf of Guinea. (more…)

Iranian Navy in gun battle with pirates

Iranian media reports that an Iranian oil tanker was attacked by pirates on Thursday morning.  (more…)

Arab border security chiefs meet in Tunis

Chiefs of Arab border, airport and harbor agencies met here on Wednesday, with a Kuwaiti Interior Ministry delegation participating. (more…)

GAO: Piracy Remains a Problem, Focus Shifts to West Africa

By JOHN C. MARCARIO, Associate Editor

Piracy and maritime crime continues to be a problem for shippers and the maritime industry, especially in Africa, with seafarers remaining in harm’s in way despite the industry spending billions of dollars in insurance and protective measures, according to a June 23 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report. (more…)

Hijacking for product theft in South East Asia is business as usual

Well-established local criminal syndicate diversifying its targets rather than undertaking new operations says Denmark-based security advisory and intelligence company Risk Intelligence. (more…)

Maritime Piracy in Bangladesh


Does piracy off the coast of Bangladesh pose a threat? The answer is yes. Is the threat external or internal? The answer is both. While Bangladesh has long-running conflicts with its neighbors over maritime boundaries which are being solved amicably, the latest threat is now emerging from maritime piracy. How is maritime piracy threatening Bangladesh and to what extent? (more…)

Kidnapped ship’s captain told ransoms may be funneled to Boko Haram

By Kyung Lah and Kathleen Johnston

Houston (CNN) — Wren Thomas grew up in the middle of the cornfields of central Illinois, longing, he says, to do something important in his life “to make his family proud.” So when a cousin beckoned him to come work on boats off Louisiana, he jumped at the chance. (more…)

Fatal pirate attack in Nigeria

As observers will be aware, reports from Nigeria are few and far between. Analysts believe that up to 60 per cent of incidents in the Gulf of Guinea may go unreported, and Nigeria remains the hot spot for pirate activity and maritime crime in the region.  (more…)

U.S. Issues New Plan to Combat Piracy, Enhance Maritime Security

Washington — A new plan released by the Obama administration lays out “scalable, flexible frameworks on specific maritime issues” that will guide U.S. actions against piracy and in support of maritime security. (more…)