Liberia concludes Kerala pirate-hijacking investigation

The Liberian Registry has concluded its investigation into the pirate-hijacking of the product tanker Kerala off Luanda, Angola, on 18th January this year. (more…)

EUCAP Nestor concludes first basic training course for Somali Coast Guards and Port Police

Today the EU’s maritime capacity building mission in the Horn of Africa and Western Indian Ocean, EUCAP Nestor, celebrated together with its Somali and Djiboutian partners the successful completion of the first basic training provided to 20 members of Galmudug Coast Guard and 30 members of Bosaso Port Police. (more…)

ReCAAP Incident Alert – Missing Product Tanker

ReCAAP has issued an alert regarding a missing product tanker. The Orapin 4 left Singapore for Pontinak, Indonesia on May 27th, due to arrive in port on May 29th.  (more…)

HMS Somerset seizes £8.5m heroin haul in Arabian Sea raid


The Royal Navy has seized heroin with an estimated value of £8.5m in a search of a boat in the Arabian Sea, the MoD has confirmed. (more…)

Chinese, Nigerian navies conduct joint anti-piracy drill

The 16th escort taskforce of the Navy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLAN) and Nigerian Navy launched a joint anti-piracy drill in the Gulf of Guinea on May 27, 2014. (more…)

Risks abound for Indians fishing in the perilous Gulf

MADURAI: The recent killing of a fisherman from Kanyakumari in Bahrain following firing by pirates exposes the plight of Indian fishermen based in West Asian countries. They fish in the seas of the Gulf countries while constantly facing threats from pirates and harassment of maritime authorities. Moreover, they have to bear harsh weather they have never experienced in any part of their own country. (more…)

Legal experts at work on India marines case

Team headed by former foreign office adviser Bethlehem

A team of experts in international law have begun work on the case of two Italian marines detained in India for over two years pending trial after allegedly murdering two Indian fishermen during an international anti-piracy mission, Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini said Tuesday. (more…)

Somali pirates who request asylum should stay in jail: minister

Convicted Somali pirates, who are serving their sentences in Dutch jails, should no longer qualify for early release if they request asylum, says junior justice minister Fred Teeven. (more…)

We are winning war against pirates – Navy


The Nigerian Navy at the weekend, said it was winning the war against pirates operating within the country’s territorial waters. (more…)

Aiding and abetting: a critical loophole in the fight against maritime piracy

Recent statistics from the International Maritime Bureau confirm that maritime piracy in Somalia is on the decline.  From the 237 incidents reported in 2011, there were only 15 attacks in 2013.  In May 2012 the MT Smyrni, a Greek-owned tanker, became the last merchant vessel captured and ransomed by pirates off Somalia until now. (more…)