Indonesia to increase sea patrols along border with Malaysia

The Navy says it will intensify patrols along the sea border with Malaysia in 2014. (more…)

Iranian Naval Fleet Ends 76-Day Mission in High Seas

A senior Iranian commander said the Navy’s 28th fleet of warships, which had been deployed to the high seas in November 2013, has returned home after accomplishing a whole host of naval missions. (more…)

International mandatory standard for PMSCs needs industry support

By  from  London

Private maritime security companies should ideally be held to one internationally recognised standard, according to the European Commission. (more…)

Nigeria: Navy Intercepts Allegedly Hijacked Ship

By Ronald Mutum

The Nigerian Navy has intercepted a Greek owned merchant tanker, MT KERALA allegedly hijacked off the coast of Luanda after a four day search in the Gulf of Guinea. (more…)

French Navy Transfers Five Suspected Pirates to Seychelles

FIVE SUSPECTED Somali pirates were transferred to the Seychelles police late last night by the French EU Naval Force (EU Navfor) Somalia Operation Atalanta flagship FS Siroco. (more…)

Piracy: Germany to the Rescue?

Maritime security is as important to Germany as to any other nation on Earth. Its export economy depends on the free and uninterrupted movement of goods across oceans in order to reach far-flung markets.  Increasingly, however, this freedom has come under attack.  Due to piracy off the coast of Africa, trade prospects have dimmed, leaving many wondering what is to be done. The time has come for Germany to act. (more…)

Mozambique: Italian Warships Cooperate With Navy

Maputo — Italian warships currently in Maputo will remain in Mozambican waters for two months in order to undertake training activities with the Mozambican navy and exchange experiences in the fight against piracy. (more…)

Bumpy road to security

By Nirit Ben-Ari

For many people, maritime piracy evokes images of a drunk one-eyed sailor singing obscene songs. For some younger people, piracy may bring to mind the picture of Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, wearing a headband in a scene from the film Pirates of the Caribbean. (more…)

Sharp drop in African piracy: are we missing something?

‘Piracy falls to a six-year low’ or ‘Dramatic drop in piracy rates’… These kinds of headlines looked great splashed across a web page or newspaper cover, and it’s the kind of good-news story that readers find hard to resist. But are these reports simply too good to be true? (more…)

U.N. Security Council urges end to ransom payments to extremists


(Reuters) – The U.N. Security Council urged countries on Monday to stop the payment of kidnap ransoms to extremist groups like al Qaeda, which have earned hundreds of millions of dollars from such crimes. (more…)