Piracy Legislation Does Not Guarantee Proper Planning

A proposed change to the Danish Seafarers’ legislation will mean that companies are mandated to prepare for a hijacking situation beforehand. The Danish-based maritime security intelligence company Risk Intelligence believes seafarers and shipping companies will benefit from having efficient contingency plans. But having a plan to meet legislation is not enough. Many contingency plans are never updated or rehearsed. (more…)

Somali Pirates Convicted for Attack of the USS Ashland

U.S. Attorney’s OfficeFebruary 27, 2013

Eastern District of Virginia(703) 299-3700

NORFOLK, VA—Mohamed Ali Said, a/k/a Maxamad Cali Saciid; Mohamed Abdi Jama, a/k/a Mohammed Abdi Jamah; Abdicasiis Cabaase, a/k/a Ahmed Mahomood; Abdirazaq Abshir Osman, a/k/a Abdirasaq Abshir; and Mohamed Farah, a/k/a Mohamed Farraah Hassan, were found guilty by a federal jury of engaging in piracy and committing other offenses pertaining to the attack on the Navy ship the USS Ashland. (more…)

Pirates sentenced to long-term imprisonment

Islamabad: A court in the Seychelles has convicted and handed down long prison sentences to four pirates, accused of taking Pakistani fishermen as hostages. The pirates were captured by Denmark and delivered for prosecution last year. (more…)

EU to send Somali army trainers to Mogadishu

Brussels (dpa) – The European Union wants to send a share of its Uganda-based military trainers for Somalia into the conflict-battered country‘s capital Mogadishu as soon as possible, the mission‘s commander said Wednesday. (more…)

EU Naval Force And NATO Reaffirm Their Commitment To Work Together To Fight Piracy


On 24 February 2013, whilst on counter piracy patrols in the International Recommended Transit Corridor (IRTC) the Force Commander of EU NAVFOR, Rear Admiral Pedro García de Paredes, met with the Commander of the NATO counter-piracy Operation Ocean Shield, Rear Admiral Antonio Natale. (more…)

Unemployment and insecurity in Nigeria: The Nexus


“The more prosperous a state is and the more equitably and justly distributed its wealth is, the less liable it is to the danger of internal disorder and the more able it is to discourage external aggression.” Chief Obafemi Awolowo (1909-1987) (more…)

Chinese naval escort taskforce conducts anti-piracy training

By Cai Zengbing and Li Ding (China Military Online)

The 14th escort taskforce of the Navy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) organized its first anti-piracy training participated by a group of helicopters, a specialoperation detachment and three warships on the morning of Feb 26, 2013, local time,while sailing in the Indian Ocean on the voyage to the Gulf of Aden and the waters offthe Somali coast to fulfill escort missions there. (more…)

Three foreigners to depose in Somali pirates trial

Mumbai: Three countries have agreed to send their nationals to depose as witnesses before a sessions court trying 120 Somali pirates arrested by Indian Navy and Coast Guard from high seas in several operations. (more…)

EXCLUSIVE – Somali president offers amnesty to pirates

Somalia’s president has offered an amnesty to young pirates in a bid to end attacks off the Horn of Africa nation’s coast, he told AFP. (more…)

Ukrainian, Indian navies to share experience in anti-piracy operations

The Ukrainian Navy is seeking cooperation with the Indian Navy in the context of preparations for their participation in international antiterrorist and anti-piracy maritime operations. (more…)