Africa’s New Pirate Problem

Last year, pirates hijacked nearly 50 ships off the coast of Benin. The tiny African nation is fighting back – with two dilapidated patrol boats and some help from the U.S. Navy. (more…)

India: Navy, ICG corps to take lessons on maritime laws

Ahmedabad: Indian Navy and coast guard officials will now take lessons on laws of sea and maritime at the Gujarat National Law University for better understanding of the changing international scenario.


Somalia’s al Shabaab, squeezed in south, move to Puntland

GAROWE, Puntland, Nov 9 (Reuters) – Somalia’s al Qaeda-linked militants are moving north into the semi-autonomous region of Puntland, long regarded as a relatively peaceful area, after having been squeezed out of their strongholds further south, the president of Puntland said. (more…)

Royal Navy Lynx in French frigate first

The first Royal Navy Lynx helicopter to join a French frigate for a full counter-piracy deployment has arrived on board the ship in Toulon. (more…)

Piracy off Somalia in the Indian Ocean, not only affects the vessels that must navigate in the region

Piracy off Somalia in the Indian Ocean, not only affects the vessels that must navigate in the region but is now an indirect threat to Mauritian consumers. precautions for flood STC has recently awarded a delay in delivery precautions for flood of petroleum products that the oil carrying them had to make a big detour to avoid the danger zone. The big problem is that insurance companies and shipowners have substantially increased insurance premiums, which has resulted in a substantial increase in the cost of freight. But insurance and freight are two important elements in the process of fixing precautions for flood prices of imported goods. precautions for flood This has a direct impact on commodity prices in Mauritius. Jean Claude Tsang, Manager Marine Mauritian Eagle Insurance to by its profession is called to follow precautions for flood the daily developments in the area affected by piracy. He noted that the area of operation of the pirates, who have maritime assets more important now extends to the west coast of India. The situation is critical, he says, noting that consumers are now Mauritian collateral victims of these acts of piracy. He then spoke at length in the interview he gives us this week. (more…)