Neptune Maritime Security

Neptune was founded by two ex-members of the UK Special Forces (Maritime), who specialize in maritime defence.

With military-trained professionals, we can help you before and during transits to secure your vessel and make all necessary precautions and preventative measures to ensure the safety of your crew and cargo. Our expertise extends to port security and yacht protection in addition to commercial vessels.

Merchant Vessels

Protecting merchant vessels, crew and cargo through high risk areas, our teams are trained in best practice, international law regulations and updated with the latest piracy activity.

Rig Explanations

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Port Security

Neptune’s Maritime Project Team is qualified and certified to all ISPS (IMO) standards of Ship and Port Facility Security inspections; maritime security audits and risk assessments.

Cruise Ship Protection

Our Cruise Ship Protection Teams are experienced maritime security professionals who understand the challenges of cruise ship safety and security, whether at sea or in Port.

Yacht Protection

Our Yacht protection teams provide the essential liaison and risk management link to the yacht Captain, and discreet low profile protection and VIP chaperone services to yacht owners, family and guests.

Offshore Security

Neptune provides a wide range of professional security management and risk mitigation services to support offshore exploration and drilling operations in the Oil and Gas energy sectors.